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Foggy night in Saint Petersburg


Foggy night in Saint Petersburg

It’s a city of ghosts, of pale shadows with their blood diluted by never-ending rain. It muffles all sounds with thick fog mixed with vapors of the marshes the city is built upon. It’s a city of twilight, of subdued lamp lights unable to compete with omnipresent winter darkness. You walk enchanted alongside it’s canals, cross bridges looking at ancient palaces and wonder if it’s reality or a bad dream. Finally you give in to the lullaby of the river waves splashing at the stones of the embankment and begin to like it — the quiet echoes of your steps, sound of raindrops, bubbling of water in drainpipes. And when at last you make peace with the darkness and become able to tolerate this almost polar night it means the city has got you, you are a part of it.

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