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About me and untold stories

My name is Sergei Listvin. I like to tell stories. Mostly not with words. Because of all the stories the most important are untold ones. Hints of unspeakable, well hidden secrets, shadows of half forgotten memories are too subtle and too quick to be put into words.
When you look at them too attentively or too close, they escape leaving you with the feeling you missed them again. When you turn away you spot them with your peripheral sight. And finally when you give up and let everything go, they may suddenly appear in full splendour or in all of their misery. Or may not. You cannot force them. That’s why in good stories authors leave some free space in hope that their story comes one day.
What you see and read in this site is such a space. It’s a place where untold stories may build their nest if they feel inclined to.

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